Benefits of Scents at Business Arena’s.


◉ Scents can make your business smell good and has other applications, such as
◉ decreasing stress and anxiety, enhancing moods, and increase productivity.
◉ Smell, and shopping have a strong link to emotion.
◉ Scent marketing and scent branding are complex strategies involving science and art,intended to enhance customer loyalty and spending.
◉ Using signature scent provides your brand additional dimension of unique smell as in brand name.
◉ While shopping, you might want to pay more attention to how things smell in the stores you visit. Those scents just might make you spend more. While lighting and music can play big roles in how much people spend, research has indicated that certain kinds of smells can also inspire shoppers to spend more.


What is scent marketing?


Scent marketing is simply the strategic use of fragrance at specific consumer touchpoints. The right scent can allow you to create an instant emotional connection with the customer and make the shopping experience more memorable.

It is both aggressive and subtle. It is aggressive because it allows businesses to reach people beyond the confines of their shop as the chosen scent can be wafted through open doors and windows. It is subtle because most consumers don’t realize the scent, they’re smelling is intentional rather than coincidental


The power of scent


Scents can influence people’s emotions, so they have the massive potential to affect consumer behaviour. Simple smells, as opposed to complex blends of scents, are powerful motivators when it comes to spending. That’s because simple smells don’t require much mental processing from the shopper, freeing their brains to conjure images associated with scents.


The psychology of popcorn


Another way to think about scent marketing is how it works at a movie theater. People walk in and the first thing they notice is the smell of popcorn. This is not an accident. Most of the money made by a theater is from the concessions sold, not the movie tickets.


How do businesses use scent marketing?


As online retailers continue to dominate sales, scent marketing has become a way for brick- nju87and-mortar stores to enhance the shopping experience and boost sales.

Scent marketing is used to trigger a certain emotion in potential customers, subtly encouraging them to not only incorporate a scent into their brand identity, but also to spend more time in their stores or places of business to improve customer experience, all the while creating positive memories with those scents that will keep them going back to the product or service (brand loyalty).”<.p>

Scent marketing could have a powerful effect on consumer behavior. our sense of scent is linked directly to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotion, and that ambient scent offers the following benefits:

◉ Ambient scent boosts recognition and memory performance.
◉ It increases the time consumers spend in a shop or business.
◉ It elevates mood and a person’s level of enjoyment.
◉ It improves the quality of a service encounter.


Brands and Signature Scents: DR-SCENT


There are many ways to use scent marketing in your business. Address Hotel, for example, has been utilizing scent branding from DR-SCENT. Address Hotel asked for unique customized signature scent it calls “Address” which is used throughout its hotel. For Address Hotel, like other companies using scent branding, for example, Global Village, the goal is to associate the venue with a pleasant scent and trigger a subconscious association with the brand.

Scent marketing even has applications beyond increased spending. Scents have been shown to decrease anxiety levels. The science of scent marketing and scent branding has advanced to the point where companies can be very specific about the desired reaction. If the retailer is looking for a high-end appeal, the smell of leather is the way to go. Linen and cotton evoke cleanliness, good health, and springtime. Influencing the way your customer thinks and acts is the goal of all businesses who want to sell their goods or services. Scent marketing is simply one more method to add to your marketing strategy. Whatever atmosphere you seek, you can likely get it through a scent or combination of fragrances.




◉ Global Village UAE
◉ Mandarin Hotel UAE
◉ Address Hotel UA

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