Is aroma marketing good for growing your business?

Aroma marketing is the use of a strategically chosen fragrance diffused at customer touch points. The right aroma and strategy will create a clear and compelling brand identity. Aroma marketing increases sales and brand loyalty by creating a unique customer experience.

Let’s look below at an experiment conducted by some well-known company.

Increasing business is the extreme objective of any fruitful aroma branding campaign. Major retailers such as Nike have found that aroma marketing in retail stores “increases purchase aim” by 80%. One of the aroma marketing tests appeared that the aroma of naturally brewed coffee sold at a gas station expanded coffee deals by 300%!

Brand identity

Having a scent dedicated to the brand is a very important part of introducing it, especially the scent in retail stores, because it attracts customers and gives them a nice feeling and loyalty. Olfactory identity is synonymous with visual identity and research has proven that the olfactory effect is several times greater than the visual one. Beautiful scents often leave a great impression of the place and help increase satisfaction for both places and products. According to Nike study in 1990, the store smell can increase the buying desire by 80 %, similarly the right smell of the brand can also encourage buyer to spend up to 20% more time inside the store compared to stores that do not use the good smell.

Direct Selling through the smell

The ancient Egyptians used the smelling to sell the grilled meat by applying more grease to enhance the aroma of grilled meat. Some ice cream sellers use vanilla scents to attract the customers directly which increases their sales, so all Food & Beverage scents are used in the direct selling process.

Starbucks used multiple scents, such as the smell of pumpkin during Autumn and ginger during Christmas, and the smell of cinnamon, because of the warm and attractive feelings which they give to the clients.

In United Kingdom, for example, the McCain Food Company launched a campaign, spreading the aroma of grilled potatoes at bus stops.

In South Korea, Dunkin’ Donuts used a diffuser that diffuse the coffee smell when the company music plays in the municipal buses. they use these tactics to surprise the consumers and engage them in a framework rarely associated with the scents. Dunkin’ Donuts claimed that they achieved 25 % increase in sales during this experiment.

Added value

All scents are an added value to the places. This method is generally used in hotels, where air fresheners are placed with different scents so that the customer can smell and link them to the place. Therefore, the researchers at Dr. Scent found that the scent of memory gives a feeling of happiness to some of customers who link this place with happy moments.

Of course, there are endless examples of scent marketing. Like giving customers simple gifts that remind them of your company or your brand, which is a practical and economical way.

For example, one of the huge oil companies distributed nearly 2 million scented car hangers as gifts to their customers where the scent stays in the place for a whole month and in front of their eyes.

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