We all know the importance of using the essential oils and air fresheners in improving and enhancing the atmosphere in the public places and in physiotherapy and massage sessions, because of their wonderful magical touch and effect in making us very happy and comfortable.

We, Dr Scent, assure the importance of having the air fresheners everywhere any time.

We have many examples showing this importance

The mood and feeling of many patients improved in the hospitals where the Aroma diffuser was placed compared to the hospitals where the smell of sterilizers.

Many customers have a good impression and a high level of satisfaction with the signature scents that have been specially designed for some hotels. Each hotel has a special smell that distinguishes it from others, and the presence of these scents improves the mood of customers and increases their satisfaction.

Sales of some goods in bakeries and restaurants increased when using essential oils with food aromas. For example, placing the scent of dark chocolate in a chocolate shop increased its sale.

The use of Natural Fragrances Oils and air fresheners in the massage centers created an atmosphere of positivity, comfort, and relaxation for customers, which relieved them of tension resulting from work and life stresses and enhanced their mental and physical health.

Recently, the demand for the air freshener products has increased dramatically, like:

Diffuser, Air Purifier, Aerosols, Reed Diffuser, Fabric Sprays, scented ceramic, etc…

This is due to the presence of statistics showing the significant positive impact of these products on the customers. The use of air fresheners and essential oils is no longer a luxury but a basic need in our daily life.

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