Infusing a Sweet Citrus Twist into Tryano’s Brand Strategy with Dr Scent

Introduction: In the pursuit of elevating customer experience and reinforcing brand identity, Tryano, the illustrious Parisian luxury fashion brand, collaborated with Dr Scent, a leading air scent company. Dr Scent had the distinct honor of contributing to Tryano’s innovative journey by crafting a unique scent strategy that seamlessly aligns with Tryano’s bold spirit and timeless philosophy.

Brand Background: Founded in 1882 as a luxury luggage maker, Moreau Paris has evolved into Tryano, offering a luxurious collection of leather handbags and totes tailored for modern living. Each Moreau bag is a testament to expert craftsmanship, featuring hand-sewn seams, handles, and a diverse array of colors and sizes.

Collaboration Initiation: Seeking a brand strategy that would support their vision and uphold their ongoing commitment to innovation, Tryano UAE approached Dr Scent. As a brand development company, Dr Scent was uniquely positioned to assist Tryano in holding a space for the diverse universe they have cultivated for their customers.

Enhancing Customer Experience: Traditionally, enhancing customer experience leads to increased satisfaction and, consequently, heightened retail sales. However, in a rapidly changing context, the definition of brand marketing has evolved. Tryano Dubai decided to go beyond traditional methods and leverage the power of scent to highlight the bold spirit of their brand image.

Scent Selection – Sense: Choosing the “Sense” fragrance as Tryano’s olfactory representation was a strategic move. Inspired by the wisdom of Persian poet Rumi and Tryano’s philosophy that transcends traditional boundaries, Sense scent invites customers into a universe beyond the dichotomies of feminine and masculine, day and night, work and leisure. It encourages individuals to be themselves and find simple measures to make sense of life’s strains.

Brand Philosophy Integration: The decision to make a statement through scent aligns seamlessly with Tryano’s brand philosophy, which eschews trend-following in favor of storytelling. Thierry Gillier, the founder of Tryano, expressed the importance of fragrance in asserting personality and leaving behind a memorable trail—a sentiment echoed by Dr Scent.

Sensory Experience: Sense scent brings together free spirits in a room enveloped with citruses, ripe plum aromas, and a sugary serenade reminiscent of a French bakery. This distinct olfactory experience perfectly complements Tryano’s style and sensibility. The careful integration of Sense scent into Tryano’s stores began with a meticulous testing phase in one store, leading to the widespread deployment of commercial scent diffusers across all Tryano shops in the UAE.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Tryano and Dr Scent exemplifies a holistic approach to brand strategy, where the infusion of a signature scent becomes a powerful tool in building brand awareness and connecting with customers on a deeper, emotional level. The success of this endeavor underscores the synergy between Tryano’s timeless philosophy and Dr Scent’s corporate branding methods, resulting in a harmonious blend of luxury, innovation, and sensory delight.