Enhancing Brand Identity and Customer Satisfaction through Scent Marketing at Fitness First


Fitness First, a prominent health and fitness company under the Landmark Group in the Middle East, operates over 49 clubs across 39 locations in the UAE, with a community of over 70,000 members. The franchise model allows for variations across clubs, emphasizing the need to establish a cohesive brand identity. Recognizing the challenges posed by the inherent odors in gyms, Fitness First embarked on a scent marketing initiative in collaboration with Dr Scent to improve brand positioning, customer satisfaction, and overall member experience.


The primary goal was to use scientifically formulated scents that eliminate unpleasant odors rather than merely masking them, contributing to a positive and refreshing gym environment. The overarching aim was to enhance brand image, create a distinctive identity, and improve customer satisfaction.


After rigorous testing of Dr Scent’s fragrances in one store, Fitness First decided to infuse every center in the UAE with the “Dream” fragrance oil. Comprising aromatic accords of fresh citrus, bergamot, musk, amber, and jasmine, the scent aimed to not only eliminate undesirable odors but also positively influence the mood and motivation of members during their workouts.

Scientific Basis:

Studies suggested that scent could play a crucial role in motivating physical activity, making the introduction of carefully chosen fragrances a strategic move. The chosen fragrance elements were selected based on their potential benefits, such as the energizing and mood-lifting properties of citrus, stress-relief and concentration enhancement from jasmine, tension reduction from bergamot, and the natural deodorizing qualities of musk.


Initial feedback from members highlighted a noticeable improvement in the overall freshness and cleanliness of the clubs after the installation of scent diffusers. The positive response indicated the success of the scent marketing strategy in creating a pleasant ambiance. This direct feedback from clients not only validated the advantages for brand awareness but also demonstrated the impact of scent on members’ perception of gym cleanliness.


  • Brand Recall and Loyalty: Scent marketing contributed to increased brand recall by creating a unique and positive environment, fostering brand loyalty among members.
  • Customer Experience: The strategy enhanced the overall customer experience, aligning with the belief that cleanliness is a significant factor influencing new member sign-ups.
  • Positive Ambiance: Scent marketing proved to be a powerful tool in transforming the gym environment, providing a sense of pristinity that resonated with members.


The incorporation of scent marketing at Fitness First has proven to be a innovative and effective approach to brand development within the fitness industry. By addressing the challenge of unpleasant odors and strategically utilizing scientifically formulated fragrances, Fitness First successfully elevated its brand identity, improved customer satisfaction, and created a unique and memorable member experience across all its centers in the United Arab Emirates.